Greater New Orleans Rosary Congress
October 6th - 12th, 2018

Our Lady of Divine Providence Catholic Church
8617 W Metairie Ave Metairie LA 70003


Schedule of Events

Saturday, Oct. 6

10:30am-12:30pm: Mass, Prayers, Adoration
Prayer Warriors of St. Joan of Arc

: Rosary Procession and Crowning of Mary

Our Lady of Divine Providence Church - 8617 W Metairie Ave Metairie LA 70003

4:00pm: Opening Mass with Banner Procession
Rev. Michael Mitchell

Our Lady of Divine Providence Church Choir - Debby Federer, Director

6:00pm: Spanish Mass - Fr. Tom Stehlik, C.M.
After Mass - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament begins

Sunday, Oct. 7

8:00am, 10:00am & 12:00pm Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish Masses

KC Silver Rose Program for Life - Our Lady of Guadalupe
3:00pm "Rosary Coast to Coast"
Music: OSA - Work of the Holy Angels

6:00pm Youth Mass
Music: St. Mary's Dominican Liturgical Choir - Brenda Costillo, Director

Monday, Oct. 8

12:00 Noon The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Rev. Joseph Doyle S.S.J.
Music: St. Pius X Children's Choir - Stephanie Dureau, Director

7:00pm Music: St. Philip Neri Adult Choir - Patty Neal, Director

7:30pm The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Celebrant: Rev. David Begany S.S.J.

Tuesday, Oct. 9

12:00 Noon The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Fr. Sidney Speaks - St. Matthew the Apostle
Music: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Children's Choir - Sr. Christella, Director

6:00pm Live Radio Rosary Broadcast on WVOG-600AM
Sponsored by Archdiocesan Holy Name Society

7:00pm Music: The Contemporaries Choir - Beverly McSweeney, Director

7:30pm The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - Mass to Honor the Family
Celebrant: Most Rev. Roger Morin - Bishop Emeritus of the Biloxi Diocese

Wednesday, Oct. 10

10:30am St. Michael's Special School Bell Choir - Jill Hitchens, Director

12:00 Noon The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Fr. Minh Phan STD
Music: St. Louis King of France Children's Choir - Melissa Brocato, Director

7:00pm Music: Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos Parish Choir - Alex Castillo, Director

7:30pm The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - Bi-Lingual Mass
Celebrant: Fr. Jose Lavastida STD

Thursday, Oct. 11

12:00 Noon The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Rev. Frank Candalisa
Music: St.Christopher School Choir - Lisa Moree, Director

7:00pm Music: Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Choir - Megan Dearie & Tommy Zanca, Directors

7:30pm The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Celebrant: Rev. Jonathan Hemelt - Our Lady of the Rosary
Candlelight Outdoor Eucharistic Procession - Heralded by Charlie Monnot, Trumpeter

Friday, Oct. 12

12:00 Noon The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Fr. Mariano Veliz O.P.
Music: St. Dominic Children's Choir - Peter Elliot, Director

7:00pm Music: Tongues of Fire - Jamie Diliberto, Director

7:30pm The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - Family Healing Mass
Celebrant: Fr. Anthony Odiong. - St. Anthony Parish, Luling LA
  • Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish Weekday Masses: Mon. - Fri. 9:00am.
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation: One hour before each Rosary Congress Special Mass
  • Holy Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet: Hourly  (except Mass times and special events)
  • Eucharistic Adoration: Continuous 24 hours each day with exceptions
  • Flower Arrangements & Donations welcomed:  Call  (504) 508-7100
  • This Rosary Congress is sponsored by: NEW ORLEANS ROSARY CONGRESS 
Many thanks to Fr. Michael Mitchell and Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish for hosting this year's Rosary Congress and to the many various individuals and prayer groups who devoted many hours of their time and talents to make the 2018 Greater New Orleans Rosary Congress a great success!  Most of all, we give praise and thanks to God!

For more information call: (504) 508-7100

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Whoever calls to me – I am with him.  A call to me is never in vain.  I come always with an abundance of grace and the great love of my maternal Heart.  #15

My heart is overfilled with love and therefore, I bring the Rosary.  #15

I ask for the Rosary. I urge that it would be said well so that in each mystery faith would be strengthened and confirmed in us, until there is such a Rosary that will crumble rocks and will work miracles easily.   #15 

The Rosary is necessary to say that the more you know it - the more you love it and the more you love it - the more you know it.  Its power is immense.  #16

The Rosary, such a gift of the Mother of God is above all her devotions it is indispensable so truth will penetrate into life.  #16

I am the Queen of the Rosary.  The Rosary is my inheritance.  The Rosary is victorious because such is the
Holy Will of God.   #17

The Rosary is an incentive to the carrying of the victory. The Rosary is the barrier, the obstacle against the fires of hell.  #17

We have to draw near to God Who is, and Who endures.  In Him is peace and in Him is the fullness of all we need, so that these changing times do not carry us off. That means to preserve in peace amid change.  The acceptance of this peace is obedience.  We have the assistance of the Rosary.  #18

The Rosary gives everything; it arranges points and leads and therefore it is very necessary.  #18/p36

The Rosary is the weapon for the struggle, and the consolation in repose. #8 pg27

The Rosary is the spring, which does not dry up–the inexhaustible source of grace. #8

The Rosary is the condition of victory. #8

Rosary quotes from the book “SECRETS OF THE ROSARY” By a Polish Blessed Soul, from Our Lady.


The Rosary should be the joy of your hearts, the light of your minds, and the desire of your wills, the fire uniting you and welding you with Heaven.  From you there is only required: accept it pray it, in a humbled and pious disposition, effort in concentration and prayer. #1

The Rosary is the unfathomable mine of hidden treasures I am giving to you through my Immaculate Hands. #1

To profit from the Rosary it is necessary to have faith, which quickly turns into the joy of the experience. #1

He who finds me finds life and attains salvation from the Lord. #8

The Rosary is the search for my Son and me. #8

I am entirely in the Rosary; there seek me there find me.

A reminder and encouragement, is to impel a greater zeal in praying the Rosary.

Each mystery meditated upon has its own power and purpose. 

All fifteen together is an army called to battle array under my reign.

Rosaries have to be more and better, in order to spread open the floodgates of the graces of my Immaculate Heart of Gold, soon to be triumphant.

I am near to all who call on me in spirit and truth.                                                                           

Look for me on the ways of the Savior. It is precisely in the Rosary that you do this. The Rosary is an endeavor, with the ultimate purpose of saving soulsThe sanctification of life is by means of the Rosary.
The Rosary is truth and proclaims the truth and combats for truth. 

Whoever loves the Rosary loves truth and through me in saying it piously, finds truth. I am the shortest way to the Truth, to the Son, and to God. The Rosary gives this. I call and beg so much for the Rosary. For that reason it is so combated – just the Rosary.
Through saying the Rosary truth penetrated into the soul because the mind and heart acts keeping tis self near the Mother and Son as well as their friends who are in each mystery.