2015 New Orleans Rosary Congress Banner Information

        All prayer groups are invited to bring their banner to St. Clement of Rome Church, and leave the banner in church for the entire Congress. Banners may be brought to church as early as Friday, October 2, between the hours of  9:00 am and 12 noon and between 4:00pm and 6pm, ONLY. Banners should be placed into their stands and positioned along the side walls of church. The banners may be moved by the banner coordinator, if necessary.

      1.  The opening Mass procession Saturday, October 3, 2015 will begin at 4:00 pm in St. Clement of Rome Church. Please bring your banners at   3:30 pm to the vestibule to meet with the Banner Coordinator. The procession begins at 4:00 pm. Please line up in the vestibule of the church according to the banner coordinator’s direction.

      2.  During the Rosary Congress, groups who have volunteered for adoration and prayer may place their banner up front, near the communion rail during their prayer time. Please replace your banner to its original position when finished. 

     3.  On Monday, October 5, at 7:30 pm, a banner procession will precede  the Mercy Mass celebrated by Fr. Cedric. Line up with banners at 7:15.

     4.  Groups wishing to participate in the Rosary Congress Eucharistic Procession on Thursday, October 8, after the 7:30 pm Mass:

    A.  Get your banner for the procession when Father makes the announcement after Mass.

    B.  Please bring your banner to the vestibule (entrance of church). The banner coordinator or ushers will place the banners in the procession.

   C.  When you return to the church after the procession, replace your banner in its stand before returning to your pew as the Trumpet welcomes our Eucharistic Lord entering the church.

     5.  Friday, October 9, after the 7:30 pm Mass and healing service, the Congress will close. Please collect your banners after the conclusion. We cannot be responsible for banners left in the church after the Rosary Congress.